Faculty of Arts - Humanities

Professor Fred Kroon

MA (Auckland), PhD (Princeton)

Associate Dean (Postgraduate)  

Professor Fred Kroon

Humanities, Arts Faculty Office, Philosophy

Email: f.kroon@auckland.ac.nz

Extension: 87609 (ph + 64 9 373 7599)

Arts 2
18 Symonds St
Level 2
Room 202

Research interests

Logic, philosophy of language, philosophical logic, metaphysics, epistemology.


Current research

Philosophical logic, especially theories of reference and truth; the nature of rationality; realism; fictionalism and "non-existent objects".


Professor Fred Kroon's Research

Recent publications

Kroon, F.W. "Reflections on the Church-Turing Thesis".  In J-Y. Béziau and M. E. Coniglio (eds.), Logic without Frontiers: Festschrift for Walter Alexandre Carnielli on the occasion of his 60th Birthday.  Tribute Series vol. 17.  London:  College Publications, 43-64, 2011.

Kroon, F.W. "Theory-dependence, Warranted Reference, and the Epistemic Dimensions of Realism", European Journal for Philosophy of Science 1 (2):173-191, 2011.

Kroon, F.W. "Fictionalism in Metaphysics", Philosophy Compass 6 (11):786-803, 2011.

Kroon, F.W. and VOLTOLINI, A., "Fiction", The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Fall 2011 Edition), Edward N. Zalta (ed.), URL = http://plato.stanford.edu/archives/fall2011/entries/fiction/.

Kroon, F.W. "The Radical Emptiness of Empty Terms: Saving the Buddhists from the Nyaya", Journal of the Indian Academy of Philosophy 47 (1&2), 22-45, 2010.

Kroon, F.W, "The Fiction of Creationism",  In F. Lihoreau (ed.), Truth in Fiction.  Ontos Verlag, 203-222, 2010.

Kroon, F. W. "Existence in the Theory of Definite Descriptions", The Journal of Philosophy 106 (7), 365-389, 2009.

Kroon, F. W. "Imaginative Motivation", Utilitas 21 (2), 181-196, 2009.

Kroon, F. W. "Names, Plans, and Descriptions". In D. Braddon-Mitchell and R. Nola (eds.), Naturalism and Analysis.  Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 139-158, 2009.

Kroon, F. W. "Fear and Integrity", Canadian Journal of Philosophy 38 (1), 31-49, 2008.

Kroon, F. W. "Reflections on the Gem". In H. Dyke (ed.), From Truth to Reality: New Essays in Logic and Metaphysics. Routledge, 232-253, 2008.

Kroon, F. W. "Much Ado about Nothing: Priest and the Reinvention of Noneism", Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 76 (1), 199-207, 2008.

Kroon, F. W. "Descriptivism, Pretense, and the Frege-Russell Problems". In A. P. Martinich (ed.), The Philosophy of Language (5th edition). New York: Oxford University Press, 522-538, 2008.

Kroon, F. W. "Russellian Descriptions and Meinongian Assumptions". In Modes of Existence: Papers in Ontology and Philosophical Logic. ed A. Bottani and R. Davies. Ontos Verlag, 83-106, 2006.

Kroon, F. W. "Belief About Nothing in Particular". In M. Kalderon (ed.), Fictionalism in Metaphysics. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 178-202, 2005.

Professor Fred Kroon's Recent Publications

Current teaching

Logic and Computation
Course Title Availability in 2014
LOGICOMP 301 Philosophy and Computation Semester 1
Course Title Availability in 2014
PHIL 202 Philosophy of Language Semester 2
PHIL 306 Language, Truth and Meaning Not offered in 2014.
PHIL 322 Philosophy of Language Semester 2
PHIL 737 Logic 2 Not offered in 2014.
PHIL 740 Metaphysics 1 Semester 1
PHIL 747 Epistemology 1 Not offered in 2014.

Professor Fred Kroon's Teaching

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