Faculty of Arts - Humanities

Dr Glen Pettigrove

BA (Michigan), PhD (Riverside)

Senior Lecturer

Dr Glen Pettigrove

Humanities, Philosophy

Email: g.pettigrove@auckland.ac.nz

Extension: 86102 (ph + 64 9 373 7599)

Personal Website: http://auckland.academia.edu/GlenPettigrove

Arts 2
18 Symonds St
Level 2
Room 208

Research interests

Ethics, political philosophy, early modern philosophy, and philosophy of religion.

Current research

My current research focuses primarily on two questions. First, what role should attitudes and emotions play in normative assessment? Second, how important to our moral lives are the communities of which we are a part? (Click the link below for more about my current research.)

Dr Glen Pettigrove's Research

Recent publications


Forgiveness and Love (Oxford University Press, 2012). http://ukcatalogue.oup.com/product/9780199646555.do


Articles and Chapters

"Anger and Moral Judgment," co-authored with Koji Tanaka, Australasian Journal of Philosophy (forthcoming).


"Conjuring Ethics from Words," co-authored with Jonathan McKeown-Green and Aness Webster, Nous (forthcoming).


"Virtue Ethics, Virtue Theory, and Moral Theology," The Handbook of Virtue Ethics, Stan van Hooft, ed. (Acumen Publishing, 2013).


"Forgiveness without God?" Journal of Religious Ethics 40.3 (September 2012): 518-544.


"Shame: A Case Study of Collective Emotion," co-authored with Nigel Parsons, Social Theory and Practice 38.3 (July 2012): 504-530.


"Meekness and 'Moral' Anger," Ethics 122.2 (January 2012): 341-370.


"Is Virtue Ethics Self-Effacing?" The Journal of Ethics 15.3 (September 2011): 191-207.


"Apologizing for Who I Am," co-authored with Jordan Collins, Journal of Applied Philosophy 28.2 (May 2011): 137-150.


"Palestinian Political Forgiveness," co-authored with Nigel Parsons, Social Theory and Practice 36.4 (October 2010): 661-688.


"Indoctrination, Autonomy, and Authenticity," in Religious Indoctrination and the Costs of Freedom: Personal and Philosophical Essays, Peter Caws and Stefani Jones, eds. (Pennsylvania State University Press, 2010): 134-151.


"The Standing to Forgive," The Monist 92.4 (October 2009): 583-603.


"Moral Ambition," co-authored with Mike Meyer, The Australasian Journal of Philosophy 87.2 (June 2009): 285-299.

Dr Glen Pettigrove's Publications

Career history

After earning a BA in philosophy from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in 1992, I moved to South Hamilton, Massachusetts, to work on a Master of Divinity degree at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, which I completed in 1996. I then began an MA in philosophy at Boston College. After two years at BC I transferred to the University of California at Riverside, where I completed my MA (2000) and my PhD (2003).

Prior to my arrival at the University of Auckland in 2008, I taught philosophy at Santa Clara University in California and at Massey University in Palmerston North, New Zealand.

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