Faculty of Arts - Asian Studies

Dr Hilary Chung

MA Cambridge; MA PhD Durham

Senior Lecturer

Dr Hilary Chung

Asian Studies, Cultures, Languages and Linguistics

Email: h.chung@auckland.ac.nz

Extension: 84603 (ph + 64 9 373 7599)

Arts 2
18 Symonds St
Level Level 4
Room 437
Hours Tuesday and Thursday 2-3.

Research interests

Modern Chinese literature, comparative literature, gender and representation in literature, the poetics of exile.


Current research

My current research focuses on the exillic poetics of two Chinese poets Yang Lian and Gu Cheng who became exiled to New Zealand after 4 June 1989. This work forms part of a major research project under the auspices of the New Zealand Electronic Poetry Centre (nzepc) “Transforming the Canon of New Zealand Poetry”. I am a contributing editor and board member of the nzepc. See www.nzepc.auckland.ac.nz/authors/yang

A second long-term project is a comparative study of male representations of the feminine in fiction and drama and the way this intersects with discourses of nationalism and modernity in emerging nations. My Comparative Literature course COMPLIT 702 Representations of the feminine in fiction and drama by men derives from this research.

Dr Hilary Chung's Research

Postgraduate supervision

Stella Yu Chu Chao, "The February 28 Incident in Fiction from a Postcolonial perspective". (Co-supervisor Paul Clark, Asian Studies).

Jocelyn Chambers, "A feminist analysis of the public/private writings of Lu Yin, Shi Pingmei and Lu Jingqing in 'The Wild Rose Weekly'". (Co-supervisor Bernadette Luciano, Italian).

Jung Hsuan Chen, "Out of exile: women’s creative journeys into and out of Taiwan and New Zealand". (Co-supervisor Michael Hanne, Comparative Literature).

Mei-hui Sun, "Marriage motifs in the short stories of Zhang Ai-ling and Katherine Mansfield: a feminist reading". (Co-supervisor Michael Hanne, Comparative Literature).

Dr Hilary Chung's Postgraduate Supervision

Recent publications

Hilary Chung, “Ghosts in the City: The Auckland Exile of Yang Lian and Gu Cheng”, ka mate ka ora: a New Zealand journal of poetry and poetics, volume 11, 5-26. 2012.

Hilary Chung and Jacob Edmond (eds. and translation), Yang Lian : Unreal City A Chinese Poet in Auckland. 2006, Auckland: Auckland University Press.

Dr Hilary Chung's Recent Publications

Current teaching

Course Title Availability in 2014
CHINESE 213 Special Topic Not offered in 2014.
Comparative Literature
Course Title Availability in 2014
COMPLIT 206 When East Meets West Not offered in 2014.
COMPLIT 302 When East Meets West Not offered in 2014.
COMPLIT 702 Rethinking Autobiography Not offered in 2014.

Dr Hilary Chung's Teaching

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