Faculty of Arts - Politics and International Relations

Associate Professor Jennifer Lees-Marshment

BA(Hons) (Keele), MA (Distinction) (Manchester), PhD (Keele)

Associate Professor in Politics and International Relations

Associate Professor Jennifer Lees-Marshment

Politics and International Relations, Social Sciences

Email: j.lees-marshment@auckland.ac.nz

Extension: 89388 (ph + 64 9 373 7599)

1-11 Short St
Level 3
Room 307
Hours available: by appointment

Research interests

Political marketing, political leadership, consultation, deliberation, and elections

Current research

Dr Lees-Marshment researches the relationship between politicians, government and public opinion, mainly through the field of political marketing which she has established international expertise in, but more recently, political leadership. She is author/editor of 12 books, and is currently working on a new project to consider how public input through different forms (market research, consultation and deliberation) can be integrated into political leadership for which she has interviewed over 45 ministers in the UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Jennifer also aims to support the work of other scholars through research organisation and nurturing leadership, and engage in transfer knowledge through involving practitioners in academic life and applying research to practice. In her teaching she seeks to embed transferrable skills and applied work alongside a philosophy of collaborative teaching using peer tutors and online resources and in particular a new course The Practice of Politics. See www.lees-marshment.org for further details.

Postgraduate supervision

Dr Lees-Marshment currently has an active group of research students. Her students work on topics such as market-oriented communication of leaders, political public relations, branding government departments, using e-marketing to stimulate party participation, and e-consultation. Jennifer can supervise suitable topics in political leadership, consultation, deliberation, parties, elections, interest-groups and political marketing.

Recent publications

2012 onwards - for a full list of publications see www.lees-marshment.org


Lees-Marshment, J, B Conley and K Cosgrove (eds) (2014) Political Marketing in the US (Routledge)

Lees-Marshment, J (2014) Political marketing: principles and applications 2nd revised edition (Routledge)

Marland, A, T. Giasson and J. Lees-Marshment (eds) (2012) Political Marketing in Canada. UBC.

Lees-Marshment, J (ed) (2012) The Routledge Handbook of Political Marketing Routledge.

Journal Articles

Lees-Marshment, J (2014/5) 'The Democratic Contribution of Political Market Researchers' Journal of  Public Affairs

Lees-Marshment, J and R Pettitt (2014) 'Mobilising Volunteer Activists in Political Partoes: The view from Central Office' Contemporary Politics

Lees-Marshment, J and D Lilleker (2012) ‘Knowledge sharing and lesson learning: consultants’ perspectives on the international sharing of political marketing strategy’ Contemporary Politics

Lees-Marshment, J and A Marland (2012) ‘The perspectives of Canadian political consultants about political marketing’ The Canadian Journal of Communication Vol 37(2) June

Book chapters

Lees-Marshment, J (2014) ‘Partners not protesters? Managing contests to traditional democracy through expanded public input into political decision making’ in Democracy, Participation and Contestation: Civil Society, Governance and the Future of Liberal Democracy edited by Emmanuelle Avril and Johann Neem (Routledge) 

Lees-Marshment, J (2013) ‘Political Marketing and Governance: moving towards the Political Partnership Model of organisation’ chapter in New technology, organisational change and governanceedited by Emmanuelle Avril and Christine Zumello Palgrave Macmillan

Lees-Marshment, J (2012) ‘Political Marketing and Opinion Leadership: Comparative Perspectives and Findings’ in Ludger Helms (ed.), Comparative Political Leadership, Palgrave Macmillan

Lees-Marshment, J (2012) ‘National and Labour’s leadership, branding and delivery in the 2011 New Zealand election’ In Kicking the Tyres: The New Zealand General Election and Electoral Referendum of 2001 edited by Stephen Levine and Jon Johansson, Victoria University Press.

Wyman, Matthew, Jennifer Lees-Marshment and Jon Herbert (2012) ‘From Politics Past to Politics Future: What Might a Professional Politics Curriculum Look Like? in Teaching Politics and International Relations edited by Cathy Gormley-Heenan and Simon Lightfoot, Palgrave Macmillan.

Career history

Dr Jennifer Lees-Marshment held posts in the UK at Keele University and Aberdeen University before joining Auckland in November 2005.


Key professional activities and service

Activities since 2012 include:

  • Fellow of the Political Management Programme at Carleton University in Canada
  • President of the NZPSA (New Zealand Political Studies Association)
  • Political Science Keynote at the Contested Democracy Conference, University Paris Sobonne Nouvelle, Paris
  • Member of the internal social sciences committee for the PBRF research exercise
  • Member of IAP2 Auckland branch organising committee
  • Training on the Practice of Political Marketing delivered to Carleton University political management graduate students
  • Training day on Political Marketing delivered to Auckland University Labour students
  • Invited trainer for the Government of Macedonia’s Training for Young Leaders, to teach Political Marketing and Leadership
  • Chair of the Departmental Research Committee and Departmental Ethics Advisor

Current teaching

Political Studies
Course Title Availability in 2014
POLITICS 231 Media, Opinion and Propaganda Not offered in 2014.
POLITICS 315 The Practice of Politics Semester 2
POLITICS 345 Political Marketing Semester 2
POLITICS 704 Political Management in Government Semester 1

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