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Associate Professor Leonard Bell

BA , PhD (Auck) , PGDip Art History (Dist) (Edin)

Associate Professor in Art History,
Postgraduate Adviser Art History

Associate Professor Leonard Bell

Art History, Humanities

Email: l.bell@auckland.ac.nz

Extension: 87261 (ph + 64 9 373 7599)

Arts 2
18 Symonds St
Level 5
Room 510

Selected Publications



Jewish Lives in New Zealand: A History, Random House, Auckland, 2012 (co-editor, with Diana Morrow).

From Prague to Auckland: the Photography of Frank Hofmann (1916-1989), Gus Fisher Gallery, Auckland, 2011.

Marti Friedlander, Auckland, Auckland University Press, 2009.

In Transit: Questions of Home and Belonging in New Zealand Art, Wellington, Victoria University Press, 2007.

Displacement and Creativity: Refugees and the Arts in New Zealand, Auckland, Gus Fisher Gallery, 2001.

Colonial Constructs: European Images of Māori 1840-1914, Auckland, Auckland University Press and Melbourne University Press, 1992.

The Maori in European Art: a survey of the representation of the Maori from the time of Captain Cook to the present day, Wellington, A. H. and A. W. Reed Ltd., 1980.

Chapters in books

"The Contributions of Jewish Individuals in New Zealand: 1840s to the Present", in Avrum Ehrlich (ed.), The Encyclopedia of the Jewish Diaspora, Santa Barbara, CA, ABC-CLIO Inc., p 1-3, 2008.

"Fractured Families: John Davis’s photo-portraits of Robert Louis Stevenson and 'family' in  Samoa", in Art and the British Empire, Tim Barringer, Geoff Quilley & Douglas Fordham (eds.), Manchester and New York, Manchester University Press, pp 309-26, 2007.

"Is Art History Global?: reflections from another place", in Is Art History Global, Jamers Elkins (ed.), London, Routledge, pp 376-7, 2007.

"Shadows and Light", in Marti Friedlander: Shadows and Light, Auckland, FhE Galleries, pp 4-14, 2007.

"Auckland’s Centrepiece: Unsettled Identities, Unstable Monuments, in Making History Memorable: Pasts and Presents", in Settler Colonialism, Annie Coombes (ed.), Manchester, Manchester University Press, pp 85-102, 2006.

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"Pakeha have rights too!: Peter Robinson’s Swastikas – cheap shots? Necessary transgression? Legitimate socio-political critique? Millennial confusion", Predictions: the role of art at the end of the millennium (Select Proceedings of  Art Association of Australia and New Zealand annual conference, 1999), Victoria University of  Wellington, pp 91-96, 2000.

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"To see or not to see: conflicting eyes in the travel art of Augustus Earle", in Orientalism Transposed: the impact of the colonies on British culture, Julie Codell and Dianne Sachko Macleod (eds.), Aldershot, Ashgate, pp 117-139, 1998 [This book be translated into Japanese, and published by Hosei University].

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"Walters and Maori Art: The Nature of the Relationship?", in Gordon Walters: Order and Intuition, James Ross and Laurence Simmons (eds.), Auckland, pp 12-24, 1989.


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