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Dr Louise Humpage

Senior Lecturer,
Postgraduate Adviser Sociology

Dr Louise Humpage

Sociology, Social Sciences

Email: l.humpage@auckland.ac.nz

Extension: 85115 (ph + 64 9 373 7599)

Human Sciences Building
10 Symonds St
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Room 915
Hours Hours available: Wednesdays 2pm-4pm

Research interests

Public attitudes to social citizenship; welfare reform; indigenous affairs policy; refugee policy.

Current research

Projects (current and recent)

2010  "Constituting new political subjectivities: Young people, the citizenship dividend and the 'Super City'", Building Research Capability in the Social Sciences seeding Grant – Associate Investigator (project led by Dr Yvonne Underhill-Sem).

2009-2011 "Do policies matter? A New Zealand case study of the impact policy change has on public attitudes towards social citizenship, 1990-2008", Faculty of Arts Research Development Fund Grant.

2009-2010 "The interplay between social citizenship rights and Indigenous rights in Canada and New Zealand: Tensions, disconnects, overlaps, opportunities?", Canadian High Commission Canadian Studies Faculty Research Program Award.

2008-2010 "A modelling tool to improve the policy response on issues concerning children and young people", Foundation for Research, Science and Technology Grant – Co-investigator (project led by Prof. Peter Davis).

2007-2009 "Conditional and contingent? New Zealand social citizenship in the context of neoliberalism", Royal Society Marsden Fund Fast-start Grant.

Focus group summary report: "Understanding New Zealand Social Citizenship"

Final report: "New Zealand Attitudes to Social Citizenship in the Context of Neoliberalism"

Final report executive summary: "New Zealand Attitudes to Social Citizenship in the Context of Neoliberalism"

Postgraduate supervision

Specialist areas

Social policy, welfare reform, indigenous affairs policy, refugee/immigration policy and settlement, public attitudes/opinion.

Students supervised

2010 (ongoing) Jessica Terruhn “Challenging the standard story? Perceptions of whiteness among New Zealanders” (PhD thesis)

2010 (ongoing) Jingjing Zhang “The changes of family patterns and the quality of life among older Chinese people” (PhD thesis)

2010 (ongoing) Julia Schuster “Intersected identities of NGO activists in New Zealand/Aotearoa” (PhD thesis)

2010 (ongoing) Sharissa Naidoo “Debt as the price of freedom? Student experiences and understandings of the Student Loan Scheme” (MA thesis)

2007 (ongoing) Greg Winkelmann "Rough Sleeping Pathways in New Zealand" (PhD thesis)

2009 Anthony Naganathan "The Knowledge Economy: A Development and Chronology of Meaning" (MA thesis)

2009 Stephen Farnsworth “'Changing the principles of social security? Welfare reform in the 2000s” (MA research portfolio dissertation)

2008 Louise Crehan “Completing the picture: the true state of civic engagement in New Zealand” (Hons dissertation)

2008 Hayley Reffell  “Citizenship and language capital” (Hons directed study)

2007 Leesa Rowlands “Doctor knows best: A sociological account of the personal and professional lives of the General Practitioner” (MA thesis)

2005 Alperhan Babacan: “Citizenship Rights in a Global World: A Comparative Analysis of Asylum Seeker Laws and Policies in Australia, Canada and New Zealand” (PhD thesis)

2004 Peter Sprekos: Social capital and People with an Intellectual Disability” (Hons thesis)


Recent publications

Journal articles

Humpage, L.V. "Revisioning comparative welfare state studies: An 'indigenous' dimension", Policy Studies, 31, (5), p 539-557, 2010.

Humpage, L.V. "Institutions, interests and ideas: Explaining social policy change in welfare states incorporating an indigenous population", Journal of European Social Policy, 20, (3), p 235-247, 2010.

Humpage, L.V. "Neoliberal reform and attitudes towards social citizenship: A review of New Zealand public opinion data 1987-2005", Social Policy Journal of New Zealand, 37, forthcoming.

Humpage, L.V. "What kind of policy matters? Recognition, redistribution and indigenous health outcomes in Canada and New Zealand", Australasian Canadian Studies, 27, (1-2), p 27-53, 2009.

Humpage, L.V. "A 'culturally unsafe' space: The Somali experience of Christchurch secondary schools", New Zealand Geographer, 65, (1), p 73-82, 2009.

Humpage, L.V. "Talking about citizenship in New Zealand", Kotuitui: New Zealand Journal of Social Sciences Online, 3, p 121-134, 2008. View online.

Humpage, L.V. "Revision required: Reconciling New Zealand citizenship with Māori nationalisms", National Identities, 10, (3), p 247-261, 2008.

Humpage, L.V. "Radical change or more of the same? Public attitudes towards social citizenship in New Zealand since neoliberal reform", Australian Journal of Social Issues, 43, (2), p 215-230, 2008.

Humpage, L.V. "Relegitimating neoliberalism? Performance management and indigenous affairs policy", Policy & Politics, 36, (3), p 413-429, 2008.

Humpage, L.V. "Models of disability, work and welfare in Australia", Social Policy & Administration, 41, (3), p 215-231, 2007.

Humpage, L.V. "An 'inclusive' society: A 'leap forward' for Māori in New Zealand?", Critical Social Policy, 26, (1), p 220-242, 2006.

Humpage, L.V. "Experimenting with a 'Whole of Government' Approach: Indigenous Capacity Building in New Zealand and Australia", Policy Studies, 26 (1):47-66, 2005.

Humpage, L.V., Marston, G. "Cultural Justice, Community Development and Onshore Refugees in Australia", Community Development Journal – Special Issue on Refugees, 40 (2): 137-146, 2005.

Humpage, L.V. "UnAustralian? Commonwealth Policy and Refugees on Temporary Protection Visas", Just Policy, 33 (October): 26-33, 2004.

Humpage, L.V., Marston, G. "Contested Belonging: Temporary Protection in Australia", Refuge: Canada's Periodical on Refugees: Special Issue – Betwixt and Between: Refugees and Stateless Persons in Limbo, 22 (2): 67-76, 2004.

Humpage, L.V. "A State-Determined 'Solution' for Māori Self-Determination: The New Zealand Public Health and Disability Bill", Political Science, 55 (1): 5-19, 2003.

Humpage, L.V. "Systemic Racism: Refugee, Resettlement and Education Policy in New Zealand", Refuge: Canada’s Periodical on Refugees: Special Issue on Xeno-Racism and International Migration, 19 (6): 33-44, 2001.

Humpage, L.V., Fleras, A. "Intersecting Discourses: Closing the Gaps, 'Social Justice' and the Treaty of Waitangi", Social Policy Journal of New Zealand, 16 (July): 37-53, 2001.

Humpage, L.V. "Embodying Ambiguity: Somali Refugee Women and Ethnic Boundary 'Maintenance'", Women’s Studies Journal, 16 (20): 9-28, 2000.

Humpage, L.V., Fleras, A. "Systemic Bias and the Marginalisation of Somali Refugee Adolescents within New Zealand Education", New Zealand Sociology, 15 (1): 46-74, 2000.

Book chapters

Humpage, L.V., Craig, D.A. "From Welfare to Welfare-to-Work", In N. Lunt, M. O’Brien and B. Stephens (eds.), New Zealand, New Welfare, Melbourne: Cengage Learning: 41-48, 2008.

Humpage, L.V., Marston, G. "Recognition, respect and rights: Refugees living on Temporary Protection Visas (TPVs) in Australia", In Yuval-Davis, N; Kannabiran, K; Vieten, U. (ed.), The Situated Politics of Belonging, London, Sage, p 113-126, 2006.

Humpage, L.V. "'Liabilities' and 'Assets': The Māori Affairs Balance Sheet 1984-2002", In P. Spoonley, C. Macpherson and D. Pearson (eds.),Tangata, Tangata: The Changing Ethnic Contours of New Zealand, South Bank, Victoria: Thomson / Dunmore Press: 25-42, 2005.

Humpage, L.V. "Tackling Indigenous Poverty in the Twenty-First Century: 'Social Inclusion' and Māori in New Zealand", In R. Eversole, J. McNeish and A. Cimadamore (eds.), Indigenous Peoples and Poverty: International Perspectives, London: Zed Books: 158-184, 2005.

Refereed conference proceedings

Humpage, L. V., "Public attitudes and how we should 'frame' the debate", in Dale, M.C., St John, S., Humpage, L., O'Brien, M. (eds.), Welfare Forum: Rethinking Welfare in the 21st Century: Proceedings, The University of Auckland, 10 September, 2010, pp 58-65. View online.

Humpage, L.V. "Transitioning From Welfare to Work: Perspectives From the Coalface", Road to Where? The Politics and Practice of Welfare-to-Work Conference Proceedings, G. Marston and C. McDonald (eds.), University of Queensland, Brisbane, 17-18 July 2007, p 1-18. View online.

Humpage, L.V. "Throwing the Baby Out With the Bathwater? Contradictions in Government Policy Regarding Refugees on Temporary Protection Visas", Knowledge, Capitalism, Critique: Sociological Association of Aotearoa (New Zealand) Conference, Auckland: Sociological Association of Aotearoa (New Zealand), 2003, p 1-8.


Career history

Louise Humpage is a Senior Lecturer in the Sociology Department at The University of Auckland. After receiving a doctorate in Sociology from Massey University in 2003, she held a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the Centre for Applied Social Research, RMIT University, Melbourne for 2 1/2 years. She joined the Sociology Department in mid-2005.


Media and Policy work

Opinion articles
Humpage, L.V., St John, S. "A bill the poor will pay for", 11 June 2008.
Humpage, L.V. "We’re still all in this together", 9 April 2008.
"Key's ban on asset sales may be his undoing", article by Chris Trotter extensively quoting my social citizenship research – 23 April 2008.

Humpage, L.V. "Social cohesion threatened by Welfare Working Group options", 9 December 2010 (unpublished NZ Herald opinion piece).

Letters to the Editor
New Zealand Herald – 2 April 2008. View here.
New Zealand Herald – 1 November 2008. View here.
New Zealand Herald – 2 October 2007. View pdf.
New Zealand Herald – 14 December 2010 View here.

Submission to the Minister of Social Development and Employment on the Auckland Social Policy Forum - 20 May 2010. View pdf.

Submission to the Royal Commission on Auckland Governance – April 2008. View pdf.

Submission to the Social Security Services Committeeon the Social Security Amendment Bill 2006 – 1 March 2007. View pdf.

Press releases
Social citizenship research

"New Zealanders don’t feel like 'first-class' citizens, study finds" – 2 April 2008.
"Study confirms beneficiaries treated like ‘second-class’ citizens" – 3 April 2008.
"Maori treated like ‘second-class’ citizens - but feel ‘first-class’, study finds" – 3 April 2008.
"Labour courting the middle classes again" – 17 July 2008.

Where to for Welfare? Forum

IRD plays ‘let’s confuse everybody’" – 22 March 2007.
"Nobody knows about fundamental changes to social security" – 22 March 2007.
"Benefit numbers show a booming economy is not helping everyone" – 22 March 2007.


Humpage, L.V. "'Working for New Zealand’: A Background Paper on Recent and Proposed Reforms in New Zealand", March 2007.

O'Brien, M., Wynd, D., Humpage, L.V. "Work, families and poverty: Overview of social welfare reforms", In St John, S., Wynd, D. (eds.), Left Behind: How Social and Income Inequalities Damage New Zealand Children, 2008. View pdf.

Dale, M.C., St John, S., Humpage, L., O'Brien, M. (eds.), "Welfare Forum: Rethinking Welfare in the 21st Century: Proceedings", The University of Auckland, 10 September 2010. View pdf.


Current teaching

Course Title Availability in 2014
SOCIOL 103 Social Policy, Social Justice Semester 2
SOCIOL 317 Sociology of the Welfare State Semester 1
SOCIOL 736 Renegotiating Citizenship Semester 2

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