Faculty of Arts - Anthropology

Associate Professor Melinda S. Allen

BA (Arizona), MA (Hawaii), PhD (Washington)

Associate Professor of Anthropology (Archaeology),
Co-editor of Journal of the Polynesian Society

Associate Professor Melinda S. Allen

Anthropology, Social Sciences

Email: ms.allen@auckland.ac.nz

Extension: 84645 (ph + 64 9 373 7599)

Human Sciences Building
10 Symonds St
Level 7
Room 723

Research interests

Archaeology: oceanic prehistory, paleoenvironmental studies, marine zooarchaeology, human ecology.

Current research

Recent publications

Books and Guest-Edited Special Journal Issues

Allen, M.S. (ed.) Gardens of Lono: Archaeologcal Research at the Amy Greenwell Ethnobotanical Garden. Honolulu: Bishop Museum Press, 2001.

Kahn, J.G. and Allen, M.S. (eds.). Special issue: Recent Advances in East Polynesian Archaeology. Archaeology in Oceania 45, 2010.


Selected Journal Articles

Allen, M.S. 2014. Variability is in the mesh size of the sorter: Harataonga Beach and spatio-temporal patterning in northern Maori fisheries. Journal of Pacific Archaeology 5(1): 21-38.

Allen, M.S., Huebert, J. M. 2014. Short-lived materials, long-lived trees, and Pacific radiocarbon dating: considerations for 14C sample selection and documentation. Radiocarbon 56(1): 257-276, DOI: 10.2458/56.16784

McAlister, A., Sheppard, P. J., Allen, M.S. 2013. The identification of a Marquesan adze in the Cook Islands. Journal of the Polynesian Society 122(3): 257-273.

Allen, M.S. Dietary opportunities and constraints on islands: A multi-proxy approach to diet in the southern Cook Islands. Oxford Handbook of Diet, edited by Julia Lee-Thorp and M. Anne Katzenberg. Oxford University Press.Invited contribution; accepted May 2013.

Allen, M.S. and A.E. Morrison. Modelling site formation dynamics: geoarchaeological, chronometric and statistical approaches to a stratified rockshelter sequence, Polynesia. Journal of Archaeological Science  40: 4560-4575, 2013. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jas.2013.06.008

Allen, M.S. and E. Ussher. 2013. Starch analysis reveals prehistoric plant translocations and shell tool use, Marquesas Islands, Polynesia. Journal of Archaeological Science 40(6): 2799-2812.  http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jas.2013.02.011

Allen, M.S. and A. McAlister. 2013. Early Marquesan settlement and patterns of interation: new insights from Hatiheu valley, Nuku Hiva Island. Journal of Pacific Archaeology 4(1):90-109. Available at: http://pacificarchaeology.org/index.php/journal

Allen, M.S. 2012, Pacific Islands: Settlement of Polynesia. In Oxford Handbook of Archaeology, edited by N.A. Silberman (ed.). Invited contribution.

Allen, M.S., W. R. Dickinson, and J. M. Huebert. 2012. The anomaly of Marquesan ceramics: A fifty year retrospective. Journal of Pacific Archaeology 3(1): 90-104. Available at: http://pacificarchaeology.org/index.php/journal

Allen, M.S. 2011. Molluscan foraging efficiency and patterns of mobility amongst foraging agriculturalists: a case study from northern New Zealand. Journal of Archaeological Science. Available at: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jas.2011.09.013

Mulrooney, M., Bickler, S.H., Allen, M.S., Ladefoged, T. 2011. High-precision dating of colonization and settlement in East Polynesia. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Letter to the editor. Available at www.pnas.org/cgi/doi/10.1073/pnas.1100447108

Allen, M.S., K. Butler, J. Flenley, and M. Horrocks. 2011. New pollen, sedimentary, and radiocarbon records from the Marquesas Islands, East Polynesia: implications for archaeological and palaeoclimate studies. The Holocene 21(3): 473-484. doi:10.1177/0959683610385726 http://hol.sagepub.com/content/21/3.toc
Allen, M.S. and A. J. McAlister. 2010. The Hakaea Beach site, Marquesan colonisation, and models of East Polynesian settlement. Archaeology in Oceania 45: 54-65.
Allen, M.S. and J. G. Kahn. 2010. Central East Polynesia: an introduction. Archaeology in Oceania 45: 49-53.
View online

Huebert, J.M., M.S. Allen and R. Wallace. 2010. Polynesian earth ovens and their fuels: wood charcoal remains from Anaho Valley, Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Islands. Journal of the Polynesian Society 119: 61-97.

Allen, M. S. and R. N. Holdaway. 2010. Archaeological avifauna of Harataonga, Great Barrier Island, New Zealand: implications for avian palaeontology, Maori prehistory, and archaeofaunal recovery techniques. Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand, 40: 11-25.

Allen, M. S. 2010. Oscillating climate and socio-political flexibility: the case of the Marquesan chiefdom, Polynesia. Antiquity 84: 86-102.
View online

Allen, M. S. 2010 (2009). Morphological variability and temporal patterning in Marquesan domestic architecture: Anaho Valley in regional context. Asian Perspectives 48(2).
View online

Allen, M. S. and J. Craig. 2009. The dynamics of Polynesian subsistence: new insights from archaeofauna and stable isotope studies from Aitutaki, Cook Islands. Pacific Science 63(4): 477-506.
View online

Petchy, F., M. S. Allen, D. Addison, and A. Anderson. 2009. Stability in South Pacific surface marine 14C reservoir over the last 750 years. Evidence from American Samoa, the Southern Cook Islands and the Marquesas Islands. Journal of Archaeological Science 36: 2234-2243.

Nagaoka, L. and M. S. Allen. 2009. Antipodean perspectives on zooarchaeology: Behavioral ecology, taphonomy, and applied research. Journal of Island and Coastal Archaeology 4: 164-176.

Aswani, S. and M. S. Allen. 2009. A Marquesan coral reef (French Polynesia) in historical context: an integrated bio-cultural approach. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems 19: 614-625. DOI: 10.1002/aqc.1006.

Allen, M. S. 2007. Three millennia of human and sea turtle interactions in Remote Oceania. Coral Reefs  26: 959-970. DOI 10.1007/s00338-007-0234-x.

Allen, M. S. and R. Wallace. 2007. New evidence from the East Polynesian gateway: substantive and methodological results from Aitutaki, southern Cook Islands. Radiocarbon 9(3): 1-17.

Allen, M. S. 2006. New Ideas about Late Holocene Climate Variability in the Central Pacific. Current Anthropology 47(3): 521-535.

Allen, M. S. 2006. Periodicity, duration, and function of occupation at Tauroa Point, Northland, New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Archaeology 27: 19-62.

Allen, M. S. 2006. Blowing in the wind: rescue excavations at Site N05/302, Tauroa Point, Ahipara, Northland. Archaeology in New Zealand 49: 105-119.

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ANTHRO 207 Coming of the Maori Semester 2
ANTHRO 365 Coming of the Maori Semester 2
ANTHRO 701 /701 A B Human Palaeoecology Semester 2

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