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Distinguished Professor Dame Anne Salmond


Distinguished Professor of Māori Studies and Anthropology

Distinguished Professor Dame Anne Salmond

Māori Studies (Te Wānanga o Waipapa), Te Wānanga o Waipapa - School of Māori Studies and Pacific Studies

Email: a.salmond@auckland.ac.nz

Extension: 82222 (ph + 64 9 373 7599)

Research interests

Māori society, indigenous cultures and lives.


Current research

Aphrodite’s Island: the European Discovery of Tahiti. A book about early exchanges between islanders and Europeans in Tahiti.

The Paradise of the World: William Bligh and Tahiti. A book about the mutiny on the Bounty, and Captain Bligh’s three visits to Tahiti.

Te Ao Tawhito. Māori life just before first contact with Europeans.

Recent publications

In press, "Tupaia, the Navigator Priest", in Tangata o le Moana: The Story of Pacific People in New Zealand (Wellington, Te Papa Press).

2008, "Voyaging Exchanges: Tahitian Pilots and European Navigators", in eds. Di Piazza, Anne and Pearthree, Erik, Canoes of the Grand Ocean (Oxford, BAR International Series).

2008, "Voyaging Worlds", 2007 Hakluyt Lecture, Hakluyt Society, London.

2006, "Ancestral Places", in ed. Kynan Gentry and Gavin McLean, Heartlands: New Zealand Historians write about where history happened (Auckland, Penguin Books), 135-144.

2006, "Two Worlds", in ed. K.R. Howe, Vaka Moana: Voyages of the Ancestors (Auckland, David Bateman and Auckland Museum), 246-269.

2005, "Cross-Cultural Voyaging in the Pacific: The First Spanish Visits to Tahiti 1772-1776" in Spain's Legacy in the Pacific, special issue Mains'l Haul, A Journal of Pacific Maritime History 41/4 and 42/1, 54-65.

2005, "Their Body is Different, Our Body is Different: European and Tahitian Navigators in the Eighteenth Century", History and Anthropology, 16/2, 167-186.

2003, The Trial of the Cannibal Dog: Captain Cook in the South Seas (London, Penguin UK; New Haven, Auckland, Penguin NZ).

Distinguished Professor Dame Anne Salmond's Publications

Career history

Recent Honours and Distinctions

2009 - Foreign Associate, US National Academy of Sciences;

2008 - Fellow of the British Academy (corresponding);

2008 - Waitangi Rua Rau Tau Lecture, New Zealand Parliament, Wellington;                 

2008 - Keynote Lecture, International Cartographic Society, Wellington;

2007 - Hakluyt Lecture for the Hakluyt Society, London;

2007 - Montana Prize for History for Vaka Moana, contributing author;

2007 - Founding Fellow, New Zealand Academy of the Humanities;

2006 - Visiting Professor, École des Haute Études, France;

2005 - Special Lecture, International Congress for Historical  Sciences, Sydney;

2004 - Prime Minister’s Award for Literary Achievement;

2004 - Montana Medal for Non-Fiction for The Trial of the Cannibal Dog: Captain Cook in the South Seas;

2004 - Visiting Fellow, Cross-cultural Research Centre, Australian National University;

2004 - Caird Fellow, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, United Kingdom;

2002 - Distinguished Professor, The University of Auckland.


A Place Among the World's Elite - NZ Herald 9/5/09

An interview with Alan MacFarlane
- Cambridge 19/11/04

Current teaching

Course Title Availability in 2014
MĀORI  396 Tikanga: Ancestral Ways Semester 2

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