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Dr Stephen Winter

BA(Hons) (UBC), MA (Dalhousie), DPhil (Oxford)

Senior Lecturer

Dr Stephen Winter

Politics and International Relations, Social Sciences

Email: s.winter@auckland.ac.nz

Extension: 88097 (ph + 64 9 373 7599)

1-11 Short St
Level 8
Room 833

Research interests

Normative political theory, political philosophy, justice, historical justice, identity politics, history of political thought.

Current research

Research-wise I've tended to work on questions of state wrongdoing and its redress. I've just finished writing a theoretical monograph on the political theory of redress settlements and my publications generally concern issues around of injustice and rectification. I'm also interested in theories of rights, democracy, questions of collective responsibility, the nature of obligation and other related areas.

Since my work straddles the borders of political theory, philosophy and jurisprudence, I am (appropriately enough) Chair of the Auckland Branch of the New Zealand Society for Legal and Social Philosophy. This society supports relevant scholarship across a number of theoretical fields by organizing regular presentations and other events. For more information see: http://nzlsp.wordpress.com

At the NZLSP

A working draft concerning the problem of counterfactual assessment in corrective justice is available as a pdf on my 'publications' page. 

Dr Stephen Winter's Research

Postgraduate supervision

My writing bridges areas of philosophy, political theory and jurisprudence My particular research interests are historical and transitional justice theory, rectificatory justice, the theory of rights and the state, distributive justice, liberalism, and democracy. Aspiring students are welcome to contact me with a broad range of project ideas. I am interested in supervising almost any theoretic endeavour prosecuted with analytic rigour.

Recent publications


Winter, Stephen. Transitional Justice in Established Democracies: A Political Theory Palgrave Macmillan, 2014.

Pre-publication reviews

Stephen Winter brings together transitional, redress, and liberal political theory in an illuminating approach to understanding state redress as a specifically political project of normative legitimation. This smartly written and incisively argued book sets a new bar for transitional, reparative, and historical justice theory. It is a tour de force of synoptic analysis and close consideration of specific cases of official redress in stable democracies.
Margaret Urban Walker, Donald J. Schuenke Chair in Philosophy, Philosophy Department, Marquette University, USA

This remarkable book draws together theories of transitional justice, legitimacy and political authority to explain why redress for historical injustices in Australia, Canada, the United States and New Zealand counts as transitional justice. Winter combines a description of how these states have dealt with historical injustices with a persuasive account of why wrongs of states require redress.
Janna Thompson, Faculty of Humainities and Social Sciences, Latrobe University, Australia

Journal articles

Winter, Stephen 'Towards a Unified Theory of Transitional Justice' The International Journal of Transitional Justice 7 (2) 205-223, 2013: DOI 10.1093/ijtj/ijt004

Winter, Stephen. 'Legitimacy, Citizenship & State Redress' Citizenship Studies 15 (6-7), p. 799-814, 2011.

Winter, Stephen. 'Against Posthumous Rights' Journal of Applied Philosophy, 27 (2), p. 186-99, 2010

Winter, Stephen. 'Australia's Ex Gratia Redress', Australian Indigenous Law Review 13, (1), p. 49-61, 2009

Winter, Stephen. ‘The Stakes of Inclusion: Chinese Canadian Head Tax Redress’, Canadian Journal of Political Science 41, (1), p. 119-41, 2008

Winter, Stephen. 'What's so bad about slavery? Assessing the grounds for reparations', Patterns of Prejudice, 41, (3), p. 373-93, 2007

Winter, Stephen. "On the Possibilities of Group Injury." Metaphilosophy 37(3): p. 393-413. 2006

Winter, Stephen. "Uncertain Justice: History and Reparations." The Journal of Social Philosophy 37 (3). p. 342-59. 2006

Book chapters

Winter, Stephen. "Climate Change, Complicity and Compensation" in Widerquist, K and Howard, M (eds) Alaska's Permanent Fund Dividend Examining its Suitability as a Model New York Palgrave Macmillan. 2012

Winter, Stephen. Reprinted: 'On the Possibilities of Group Injury', In: Claudia Card and Armen T. Marsoobian(ed.), Genocide's Aftermath., Malden, MA, Blackwells, p.111-31. 2007

Popular press

Smits, Kathy & Winter, Stephen. "UNDRIP, CANZUS, and indigenous rights". OUPblog, August 8, 2013.

Winter, Stephen. "How to Have a Constitutional Conversation" Law News 19 July 2013

Winter, Stephen. "Feature: A Whale of an Argument" New Zealand Listener 224(3658) p. 22-23, June 19-25 2010.

Review articles

Winter, Stephen. 'Review of Perez, N.' Freedom from Past Injustices : A Critical Evaluation of Claims for Intergenerational Reparations."http://historicaldialogues.org. 2013

Winter, Stephen. 'Review of Grodsy, B. 'The Costs of Justice: How New Leaders Respond to Human Rights Abuses' http://historicaldialogues.org. 2012

Winter, Stephen. 'Review of Cohen, G.A. 'Rescuing Justice and Equality', Australian Journal of Legal Philosophy, 35 (1) pp. 159-67, 2010.

Winter, Stephen. 'Review of James Peacock et al. (Eds.). Identity Matters: Ethnic and Sectarian Conflict', Patterns of Prejudice, 43 (2) 2009

Winter, Stephen. 'Review of John W. Hughes, Major Douglas: The Policy of a Philosophy', Review in Basic Income Studies, 2, (1), 2007, http://www.bepress.com/bis/vol2/iss1/art14

Winter, Stephen. ‘Review of Janna Thompson Taking Responsibility for the Past’, Australian Journal of Politics and History 50 (1) p. 152-153. 2004

Unpublished articles

Winter, Stephen "Rectifying Historical Injustice: Meeting the Counterfactual Challenge" (pdf)

Dr Stephen Winter's Publications

Career history


I am a senior lecturer in political theory at The University of Auckland. Prior to my arrival here in February of 2007, I was a doctoral student and lecturer at the University of Oxford. Before Oxford, I studied at Dalhousie (MA) and the University of British Columbia (BA Hons). Originally, I grew up in Vancouver, Canada.

My teaching is mainly on and around areas of justice, rights and democracy, but my interests in political theory, politics and philosophy are pretty broad. I tend to write descriptive political theory. Moreover, I have jurisprudential inclinations and I've been known to discuss questions of cultural politics, federalism and indigenous politics.

I'm currently the departmental Honours advisor and Chair the Graduate Committee, so you can email or meet with me as regards to any related questions or concerns. More generally, I have an open-door policy and I welcome students dropping in. I do not have office hours, if you would like to meet, please email me and we will make an appointment.

What am I reading?

guardian.co.uk; herald.co.nz; globeandmail.com; crookedtimber.org; newleftreview.org; arsenal.com

Current teaching

Political Studies
Course Title Availability in 2014
POLITICS 209 Modern Political Thought Semester 1
POLITICS 314 Democracy in Theory and Practice Not offered in 2014.
POLITICS 705 Rights: Theory and Practice Semester 1

Dr Stephen Winter's Teaching

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