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Please note: this is archived course information from 2018 for ACADENG 101.


This course can help you improve your academic writing needed in other subjects, in particular, planning and writing essays. The course guides you through the process of writing academic expository and argument essays. It begins with planning using brainstorming including freewriting, mind mapping, listing and outlining. It then moves on to the structure of an essay developing an introduction with a strong thesis statement, paragraphs including topic sentences with logically developed supporting sentences and conclusions. Linking expressions and cohesive devices develop fluency. Learning how to use the library to find appropriate academic sources and then integrating and referencing them accurately in essays through summarising and quoting helps you avoid plagiarism. The features of argument academic essays are practised: argument, counterargument and refutation.

ACADENG 101 is also an approved course for students who have not met the Academic English Language Literacy Requirements (AELR). The course is available for students from selected faculties.

Goal of the course

The aim of this course is to teach students how to write expository and argument essays appropriate for a university context.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course the students should be able to:

  • Plan an essay including brainstorming ideas and organising ideas in an outline
  • Write university-level expository and argument essays
  • Write effective sentences incorporated into well-developed paragraphs
  • Integrate source material into a referenced argument essay
  • Produce appropriate in-text references and a list of references according to APA style
  • Think more critically about their writing including what they write and how they write at tertiary level

Provisional class limits information for 2018: Summer School enrolment is limited to 60 students, Semester One enrolment is limited to 180 students, Semester Two enrolment is limited to 120 students. First priority TAS/CAS students for whom DELNA indicates this is the appropriate academic English course. In addition AELR students and other special programme students have priority. Thereafter, first in first enrolled applies.

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Availability 2018

Summer School, repeated Semester 1 and 2


Coordinator(s)  Lizzy Roe


Coursework + exam


ACADENG 101: 15.0 points


May not be taken if ACADENG 93F, 201, 210, ENGWRIT 101, ESOL 201, 210 has previously been passed. This course is available only to students who speak English as an additional language

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