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Academic English Listening and Reading

Please note: this is archived course information from 2018 for ACADENG 102.


Course overview

This course aims to develop students’ listening and reading skills in academic contexts. Students use a range of learning tools that make it easier to find the meaning in written and spoken texts. There is a focus on strategies which direct the reader or listener toward the main ideas, and students are shown ways to identify and note down key points. Some tasks focus on the organisation of the written or spoken text and others help students develop their thinking skills to become more analytical about a topic. By doing this course students are better equipped to handle new vocabulary and types of text as well as lecturers' speaking styles, and students should feel more confident about listening in lectures and reading academic texts for their mainstream courses.

Course outcomes

At the end of the course the students should be able to:

  • Use strategies to make the reading and listening processes faster and more efficient
  • Understand and identify or summarise the main ideas in an academic text (written or spoken)
  • Take notes from a text (written or spoken) in order to create an outline of key points
  • Be aware of the author’s/speaker’s purpose, and critically evaluate the content and issues arising
  • Answer questions relating to overall structure and detailed meaning of a text (written or spoken)
  • Know what to listen for in terms of the delivery of spoken information, i.e., word stress, intonation, lecturer’s signals, predicting content and so on
  • Make the process of listening and note-taking faster and more efficient by using symbols, abbreviations and labelling
  • Have an increased vocabulary of "academic" words from the "Academic Word List" and other input sources
  • uess the meaning of unfamiliar words by using "word attack" strategies, e.g., reference words, linkers, synonyms, word families (prefixes, suffixes), dictionary skills and so on
  • Look for relationships between words/ideas in sentences and across paragraphs/sections of text

Provisional class limits information for 2018: Summer School enrolment is limited to 27 students, Semester One enrolment is limited to 27 students, Semester Two enrolment is limited to 27 students. Admission is on a first in, first enrolled basis.

Availability 2018

Not taught in 2018


Coordinator(s)  Lizzy Roe


Coursework + exam


ACADENG 102: 15.0 points


This course is available only to students who speak English as an additional language

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