Faculty of Arts


Musics of the World in Everyday Life


We look at/listen to music from around the world and our region both in our contemporary urban and historically/geographically remote settings. We encourage students to think and act positively and critically about their own musical worlds.

We will focus on five themes—Music and Identity; Music, Performances, Performing, and Musicianship; Music and Emotion; Music, Technology and Commerce; and the Material Culture of Music—in the study of music in the everyday lives of people and cultures around the world.

To pass this course you will improve your

  • ability to work in a group
  • ability to observe specific cultural phenomena accurately
  • ability to analyse observations
  • ability to write reports
  • ability to interpret a range of cultural phenomena and practices

Availability 2019

Semester 2


Coordinator(s) Associate Professor Greg Booth


Coursework + exam


ANTHRO 103: 15.0 points

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