Faculty of Arts


Contemporary Research in Music and Culture


This participatory seminar-style course covers a range of current discourse in ethnomusicology. We examine theories, methodologies and perspectives on the roles and meanings of musical activity in contemporary human culture. We will view music as a symbolic component of cultural expression and as both focus and paradigm for cultural structures and behaviours.


This course intends to enhance students’ critical thinking, expressing, reading and writing which are some of the most important skills that students need to develop during their university education. Through engaging in and evaluating various contemporary literature in ethnomusicology, students are guided to accomplish the three major goals:

1) Acquiring new knowledge and insights

2) Internalising those insights and making that knowledge your own

3) Communicating your new understanding to others

At the conclusion of this course, students will become familiar with a variety of issues, theories and methodologies in the field of ethnomusicology, and be able to apply them to the study of music from social sciences perspectives.

This course is highly recommended for students in ethnomusicology and musicology as well as for those who would likely pursue postgraduate studies in music, sociology, media and anthropology.

ANTHRO 301 is structured as a 2-hour seminar course proceeded by the course convenor and students’ discussion and presentation on weekly readings, topics, assignments and final projects.



Coursework only

Availability 2021

Semester 1


Lecturer(s)  Sunhee Koo
Dr Kirsten Zemke


ANTHRO 301: 15.0 points


ANTHRO 202 or 30 points at Stage II in Transnational Cultures and Creative Practice



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