Faculty of Arts


Anthropology and History


How is the past conceptualised and historical information transmitted in different cultures and at different times in the past?  In what ways do anthropology and history intersect?  This course examines the epistemology and production of 'history' and the various ways in which the past is constructed and used in different cultures.  We will consider issue such as the role of gender, memory, creativity, hierarchy, colonialism and the state in the construction of the past.

The course will focus on those histories that are locally produced, including oral tradition, oral histories and material culture, and will critically examine the characteristics, applications and interactions of different media in the production of the past: chant, genealogy, song, dance, textiles, carving, architecture, landscape and objects as well as written texts.  History keeping is considered historically and reintegrated within the contemporary theoretical rapprochement between anthropology and history.


Availability 2021

Semester 2


Coordinator(s) Dr Phyllis Herda


ANTHRO 744: 15.0 points

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