Faculty of Arts


Advanced Primatology


An exploration of the theoretical principles and methodological toolkit of contemporary primatology. This seminar is designed to develop research skills and critical thinking by postgraduate-level students in anthropology. A key aim of this course is to examine the state of primate research and conservation in order to re-conceptualise the ‘human-alloprimate interface’.


Learning Outcomes:


By the end of this course students should:


  1. Have gained insightinto the myriad of interactions between primates and the broader-scale ecological communities that they are a part of


  1. Be able to developa working understanding of the major theoretical frameworks, methodologies and methods in contemporary primatology


  1. Be proficient in navigating the many ethical nuances and practical challenges of primatological fieldwork




Availability 2022

Not taught in 2022


Coordinator(s) Dr Nicholas Malone


ANTHRO 749: 15.0 points

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