Faculty of Arts


Practising Ethnographic Research Methods


This course provides an introduction to ethnographic research methods. During the semester, students will learn about, and practice, methods such as interviews, observation, participant observation, archival research and visual methods. The course will also cover reflexivity, research ethics and the transition from fieldwork to field notes to publication.

Course and learning objectives

  • To study the place of field, library and archive research in social anthropology
  • To become familiar with a range of ethnographic field methods and techniques, applicable in diverse research situations
  • To gain closely supervised research practice including research design, proposal writing and ethnographic writing
  • To develop an understanding of the theoretical, epistemological and ethical implications of various approaches to research
  • To be able to argue for your disciplinary perspective on research

Availability 2019

Semester 1


Coordinator(s) Dr Mark Busse


Coursework only


ANTHRO 753: 15.0 points


ANTHRO 711, 734

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