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Solving your Future


Begin crafting your career with this new stage one course, especially designed for students who want to complement their subject-based studies while developing and practicing Arts-focused employability skills. ‘Solving Your Future’ aims to raise awareness of the broad range of skills developed in the process of completing an Arts degree.  It will also put in place a framework from which you can begin crafting a career based on your strengths, personal values and interests as well as your skills. 

As you work through and complete the problem-based and communication-oriented assessments, you will develop and practice essential skills and capabilities to ensure you are work-ready for today and prepared for the changing workplace of tomorrow.  These will include research, analytical thinking, problem-solving, innovation, team work, communication, leadership, self-reflection, and presentation of information. 

A key assessment on this course will be working in a team to devise and present a solution to a specific problem faced by a local organisation.  The organisation will introduce you to this challenge in week four and you’ll get some class time to work collaboratively on your solution.   Toward the end of the course, together with your team, you will present your proposed solution back to the organisation. 

You will also work on a short script for a one minute ‘elevator pitch’ video  to help you gain confidence in communicating your top skills and strengths to potential employers.

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Availability 2019

Semester 2


Coordinator(s) Ms Jane Bradley


Coursework + exam


ARTSGEN 102: 15.0 points

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