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Research Methods


This course will introduce students to a range of research methods utilised in the multidisciplinary field of Asian Studies. Over the course of the semester students will be expected to critically engage with the readings and lectures on a variety of approaches to research in the humanities and social sciences as practised by University of Auckland staff specialising in Chinese, Korean and Japanese studies. In addition, the librarians in Asian Studies will provide some orientation and language-specific library research training in order to make full use of the resources available.

Learning Goals

The aim of this course is to develop the skills required for conducting original research and presenting the results in both oral and written form appropriate to the chosen field. Stylistic conventions vary across the humanities and social sciences, so students will need to identify what is expected for written presentations, citations and references for publications in each field (see, for example, such resources as the Chicago Manual of Style or the Monumenta Nipponica Style Sheet, fourth edition). By the end of the course, students should be equipped with the basic practical skills for pursuing independent research on a range of topics in Asian Studies.

Requirements and Readings

Attendance at lectures is required and students should come prepared to discuss the assigned readings each week. There are no required textbooks for this course, but 2-3 articles or book chapters have been selected by the teaching staff to be read in connection with the session on research methods in their particular field. Drawing on the various approaches covered, students will be expected to develop a research proposal that clearly identifies a problem or question to be addressed and outlines the appropriate research methods to gather the data required to successfully complete the study. These proposals need to be developed in consultation with the Asian Studies staff on a topic for which expertise and supervision is available.

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Availability 2019

Semester 1


Coordinator(s) Professor Mark R. Mullins


ASIAN 700: 15.0 points

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