Faculty of Arts


Rethinking China


We survey major topics in China's past and present with a range of approaches reflecting the research specialisations of the team of staff. 

Topics include history, philosophy, religion, modern literature and film, modern and contemporary politics and society. Tutorials offer an opportunity to explore stories, films and key moments in Chinese history in more depth. Coursework consists of a research exercise and an essay and there is a final two-hour exam. 

The aim is to give you an overview of China and to encourage rethinking of your preconceptions. In addition to Chinese studies majors and minors, any student can benefit from learning more about a country looming large in all our futures.

Course outcomes

We have three broad aims:

  1. To develop your knowledge and understanding of China and its diversity
  2. To develop your experience engaging with China studies and texts, including films
  3. To strengthen your skills in conveying your understanding of China through writing and discussion


Coursework + exam

Availability 2021

Semester 2




Readings will be available through CANVAS/Talis.


Coursework and exam


CHINESE 130: 15.0 points

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