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Intermediate Modern Chinese 1


This course is designed for students who have passed CHINESE 101, or students who have previously studied modern Standard Chinese (Mandarin, Putonghua, Guoyu, Hanyu, Huayu) with a similar level of proficiency.  If you are unsure, please check Which Chinese language course should I enrol in?

Students who enrol in this course typically:

  • Know how to talk about daily life, transportation and weather; are able to shop or dine with simple sentences in Mandarin
  • Know approximately 600 vocabulary items
  • Are able to write about 400 characters

This course trains students in all four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. It will cover Lesson 13 to Lesson 20 of the textbook. Students who successfully complete the course would be familiar with most of the topics related to everyday life.

By the end of the course, students are expected to attain the Intermediate Low level on the ACTFL proficiency scale (approximates to the CEFR language level A2.1).

Availability 2021

Semester 1


Coordinator(s) Dr Karen Huang


  • Integrated Chinese (Volume 2), Textbook (4th ed.), Yuehua Liu and Tao-chung Yao, et al.  Boston: Cheng & Tsui Company. 2017. Print and digital versions available.
  • Integrated Chinese (Volume 2), Workbook (4th ed.), Yuehua Liu and Tao-chung Yao, et al.  Boston: Cheng & Tsui Company. 2017.


Coursework only


CHINESE 200: 15.0 points




CHINESE 202. May not be taken if a more advanced language acquisition course in this subject has previously been passed

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