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Chinese Study Abroad 2A

Please note: this is archived course information from 2019 for CHINESE 277.


This course involves the study of Chinese at an approved overseas institution. Enrolment is subject to approval of the planned overseas study by the Head of School. A student must be currently enrolled at the University of Auckland and for this course before starting overseas study. A grade for the course will be determined on completion of the study on the basis of formal assessment of achievement in Chinese.

Summer School

Every year the University of Auckland organises a four week intensive-language summer study tour to Yunnan University. At the university students attend classes of 5-8 persons in size that are designed exclusively for University of Auckland students. Each student is also paired with a local Yunnan University student language partner, providing opportunity to use Chinese outside of the classroom and to experience the multi-ethnic city of Kunming from an insider’s perspective. Weekends provide opportunities to travel to nearby tourist sites in Yunnan Province that are famous throughout China for their beauty and uniqueness.

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Availability 2019

Summer School, repeated Semester 1 and 2


Lecturer(s) Dr Karen Huang


Coursework only


CHINESE 277: 15.0 points


Approval of Academic Head or nominee

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