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Communication, Writing and Design


COMMS 309 examines the principles of persuasive visual design, writing, and storytelling in film poster design, print advertising, and television advertising. Through project-based and written assignments we consider the relationships between text, images, and design. Students will develop persuasive writing and design skills - and the writing and directorial skills needed for preparing a 30 second commercial. Further, students will critically reflect on two of the persuasive media they create; a film poster and a long copy print ad.

This course has an emphasis on the practical application of persuasive visual design, writing, and storytelling. The course convenor works actively in the advertising and film industries, and will approach this course from an industry perspective; how do you persuade people to buy, or believe in, the product or idea you are selling?

This is a 15pt course, equating to 10 hours work per week.

You are encouraged to be creative, self-motivated, and collaborative. Please be open to constructive criticism from classmates, convenor, and GTA - and bring a willingness to learn through writing, creating, and discursive participation.

Learning Objectives/Outcomes

- development of persuasive writing and design skills

- an appreciation of, and ability to apply, visual storytelling techniques

you will acquire practical communication and technical skills designed with an awareness of industry practice.

- ability to critically analyse persuasive media; specifically, film posters, long-copy print advertising, and 30 second television commercials.

- you will seek to produce coherent, cohesive and considered arguments regarding concepts, texts and contexts in the field of communication, drawing on evidence to support these arguments


Coursework only

Availability 2021

Semester 2


Lecturer(s)  Brendan Donovan


Coursework only


COMMS 309: 15.0 points


15 points from COMMS 200-208 and 15 points in BA courses



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