Faculty of Arts

CRIM 201

Debates in Criminology


This course will look at a number of fundamental and influential debates in criminology that inform contemporary research and justice policies in New Zealand, Australia, Europe, Britain, the United States and other countries.

After an introduction to debates over the main theoretical foundations and currents in the field, topical debates to be discussed and analysed include inequality and crime, state crime, indigenous criminology, class and crime, gender and crime, deviance and antisocial behaviour.  

At the end of this course you should:

  • Have an understanding of the primary arguments, histories and theoretical assumptions of the debates covered in this course
  • Be familiar with basic criminological theories as they inform these debates
  • Understand the diverse nature of opinions, policies and sociological theories that inform these debates
  • Be able to critically analyse different responses and positions in these debates
  • Understand the consequences of responses and positions as they have historically informed policies

Availability 2021

Semester 1


Lecturer(s) Dr Robert Webb


A course reader will be made available if required.


Coursework + exam


CRIM 201: 15.0 points


30 points from MĀORI 130, PHIL 103, 104, POLITICS 109, SOCIOL 100, 101, 103

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