Global Health and Development


This course introduces a social science approach to the study of health and globalisation, tracing various historical genealogies from colonial medicine, to international public health in the development sector, up through contemporary global health institutions and their governance structures. Current issues and case studies in health and development, including the role of NGOs, global health partnerships, and pandemic biosecurity are critically analysed.

Weekly seminars address the following topics among others:

  • Colonial medicine past and present
  • Global health and development policies
  • Aesthetics and politics of global health metrics
  • Case studies in global health “partnerships”
  • Pandemics and biosecurity (including recent scholarship on Covid-19)

By the end of this semester, students will learn:

  • Key analytical concepts in critical studies of global health and development such as biopower, partnerships and structural violence
  • Historical and contemporary debates in global health and development
  • How to locate these debates and analyse them critically in the context of particular health and development interventions around the world

By the end of this semester, students should be able to:

  • Think, write and speak critically about a range of global health practices in development
  • Introduce one weekly topic through an oral presentation to a graduate audience (potentially in small groups depending on enrolment)
  • Complete a small case study review of particular global health and development intervention

Availability 2022

Not taught in 2022


Lecturer(s) Dr Jesse Hession Grayman


DEVELOP 716: 15 points