Faculty of Arts


Production and Management Skills


This course offers a practically based insight into the workings of the professional stage. It will explore multiple roles and skills for the administration and production management of live performances. The course will include budgeting and financing of productions as well as exploring contracting and marketing.

It will be taught over 12 sessions using a variety of mediums including site visits to theatres and organisations offering specialist theatre services, discussion panels and classroom teaching.

Aims and objectives

By the end of this course you will be expected to have:

  • An understanding of the process of theatre production
  • Ability to set and control a production budget
  • Ability to timeline and schedule a production
  • An insight into Auckland theatres and programming for Auckland theatre
  • An understanding of legal process in regard to the performing arts
  • An understanding of funding in the arts
  • An understanding of marketing and publicity in regard to live performance

Availability 2020

Semester 1




DRAMA 705: 30.0 points

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