Faculty of Arts

DRAMA 717 A & B

Long Play

Please note: this is archived course information from 2018 for DRAMA 717.


The writing of a complete play for live performance of more than one hour’s length and up to two hours. Students should submit an initial proposal which gives details of story, plot, character, location, action and structure. This proposal will be developed in consultation with the supervisor(s). It is expected that three drafts of the play will be completed across the term of the course.

Course available to MA students only. May also be begun in Semester 2 and completed in the following Semester 1. Projects must be submitted for approval by February 15 or July 1 as appropriate.

To complete this course students must enrol in 717 A and B. This course is not available to BA (Hons) students.

Availability 2018

Not taught in 2018




DRAMA 717A: 30.0 points

DRAMA 717B: 30.0 points



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