DRAMA 730 A & B

Studio/Project in Practical Drama


This course provides the opportunity for a supervised practical project in drama of a limited scale. A project, such as a small production, could be undertaken by an individual or a small group, with careful equalisation of roles within the project. The term "studio" implies that the nature of the project will be practical research, explorative, questioning and innovative.

Students should submit an initial proposal, which will be developed in consultation with the supervisor(s). Proposals must be submitted for approval by February 15 or July 1 as appropriate.

To complete this course students must enrol in DRAMA 730 (if single semester) or DRAMA 730 A and B (if full year).

Availability 2024

Not taught in 2024




DRAMA 730A: 15 points

DRAMA 730B: 15 points

DRAMA 730: 30 points