DRAMA 770 A & B

Studio/Project in Drama


As its points size implies, this course allows for a student or a small group of students to carry out a substantial individual or group project(s) in the area of practical drama. It is very likely such a project will include some public presentation of project work, as well as written reflection on the work. In the spirit of the term "studio", the project should include an aspect of practical research, which is explorative, innovative and questioning.

Course available to MA students only. May be commenced in Semester 2 and completed the following Semester 1. Projects must be submitted for approval by February 15 or July 1 as appropriate.

To complete this courses students must enrol in DRAMA 770A and 770B.

Availability 2022

Semester 1 and 2 (full year)




DRAMA 770A: 30 points

DRAMA 770B: 30 points