Age of Shakespeare: Tragedy

Please note: this is archived course information from 2022 for ENGLISH 213.


An introduction to the golden age of English theatre, involving detailed study of a selection of tragedies by Shakespeare and his contemporaries. The theatrical emphasis of the course is intended to help students respond to the plays as theatrical artefacts and not merely as literary texts.

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Availability 2022

Semester 2


Lecturer(s) Professor Tom Bishop
Dr Sophie Tomlinson


Marlowe, Doctor Faustus, ed. Roma Gill (New Mermaids)

Shakespeare, Hamlet, ed. G.R. Hibbard (Oxford)

Brian Gibbons (ed.), The Revenger's Tragedy (New Mermaids)

Shakespeare, Othello, ed. Michael Neill (Oxford)

Shakespeare, King Lear, ed. R.A. Foakes (Arden)

Shakespeare, Anthony and Cleopatra, ed. Michael Neill (Oxford)

Webster, The Duchess of Malfi, ed. Brian Gibbons (New Mermaids)

Middleton and Rowley, The Changeling, ed. Michael Neill (New Mermaids)

Recommended Reading

Andrew McRae, Renaissance Drama (Arnold)

Andrew Gurr, The Shakespearean Stage, 4th ed. (Cambridge)

Sean McEvoy, Shakespeare: The Basics (Routledge)

Russ McDonald, ed., The Bedford Companion to Shakespeare: An Introduction With Documents (Bedford/St Martins)


Coursework + exam


ENGLISH 213: 15 points


30 points at Stage I in English or Drama, or approval of Academic Head or nominee