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Special Topic: Jane Austen

Please note: this is archived course information from 2018 for ENGLISH 775.


Special topic. This paper comprises a 100% coursework option focused on the novels of Jane Austen and their afterlife. Over the semester, students will research and write an essay covering an aspect of Austen’s fiction, its reception, or the ways it has been adapted. For medical reasons, the pattern of delivery for the course will not be standard in the first part of the semester. Students interested in this option are advised to contact Joanne Wilkes before the semester begins.

Possible areas may include, but are not confined to: an analysis of two or more Austen novels in relation to a particular issue, the strengths and weaknesses of a prominent recent critical approach to Austen’s works, an Austen novel and its screen adaptations and an Austen novel and its modern sequels or rewritings.

Availability 2018

Not taught in 2018


Coordinator(s) Professor Joanne Wilkes


ENGLISH 775: 15.0 points

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