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Foundation Academic English

Please note: this is archived course information from 2018 for ENGWRIT 94F.



ENGWRIT 94F focuses on the process of essay writing, and looks at the kinds of text students are asked to produce in undergraduate assignments across different subjects and genres; eg, explanation, analysis essay, argument, comparison, literature review, case study, report.

ENGWRIT 94F is a content course with a strong skills-based component built into the tutorials. The course can be taken as part of a Writing Studies major, and fulfils the Academic English Language Requirement (AELR). The course is designed for students fluent in spoken and written English, so it does not focus on vocabulary and grammatical structures that students with English as an additional language often require. If this is your background, consider taking one of the credit-bearing Academic English Studies courses instead.

Course Objectives and Learning outcomes

Overall, the course helps you produce a well-written and well-structured essay, which addresses the question being asked in an appropriate way. Learning outcomes include writing more easily and in a more organised way, composing good introductions, supporting paragraphs and conclusions, employing sources in an appropriate way, referencing correctly, using peer review, revising and editing techniques, writing a variety of text types and recognising differences in writing between subjects.

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