Specialised French Translation 1


Theoretical approaches to translation will be taught through the study of specific authentic texts. Students will use both theoretical and practical knowledge to analyse and produce professional quality translations in a specialised field. Fields covered will be chosen from: literary translation, indigenous Francophone texts, subtitling for film and television, marketing and advertising, technical and legal or other highly specialised texts. 

This course is taught concurrently with FRENCH 720.

Course Focus for 2019

In 2019, FRENCH 707 will focus on audiovisual translation and subtitling for film and television. Students will be introduced to the principles and practice of audiovisual translation and will work collaboratively and individually, with authentic film material, to analyse, edit and produce transcripts, translations, condensed subtitles (using specialised subtitling software) from French into English and English into French.

Availability 2023

Not taught in 2023




FRENCH 707: 15 points