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Special Topic: Making Waves: Gender and Change

Please note: this is archived course information from 2018 for GENDER 306.


Provides an opportunity for students to put their gender studies theory and knowledge into practice. Students will participate in an interactive, collaborative seminar, explore 'real world' engagements with gender issues, identities, and inequalities, and complete an independent or group research project on a topic of their choice. 

This course is open to all students with an interest in gender, and will facilitate the consolidation of learning about gender and sexuality gained previously. For Gender Studies students, it serves as a capstone course, building on the knowledge gained in previous courses in the major so that students can embark on creative, engaged, collaborative learning and then put that into practice through research and/or activism in and beyond the classroom. As such, the course emphasises skills-building and knowledge-building in equal measure.

The learning objectives for this course are tied to the kinds of skills that Gender Studies students and scholars excel in, and that many employers have noted they are looking for: analytical, communication, research, critical thinking, leadership, interpersonal, values-based, and advocacy skills. Through this course, students will have the opportunity to

  • Analyze texts, spaces, events, and/or cultural artefacts in terms of gender theory
  • Devise (both individually and collaboratively) creative interventions into gender- and sexuality-based problems to create change (broadly defined)
  • Take initiative in shaping the research undertaken and the class discussion of course content
  • Apply gender studies theory to the world they inhabitPut the passion and values they have developed through their major into the projects they undertake

In this way, Gender 306 is a capstone course bringing together all of the elements of, and enabling the students to demonstrate mastery of, the BA Graduate Profile.

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Availability 2018

Semester 1


Coordinator(s) Associate Professor Jennifer Frost


Available online through Canvas/Talis


100% coursework, including research project and seminar participation


GENDER 306: 15.0 points


30 points at Stage II in Gender Studies, or 15 points at Stage II in Gender Studies and 30 points passed at Stage II in BA courses



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