Discover Germany Through Film


Introduces you to key issues and developments in German culture, history and society through the medium of film. Surveying the years between 1945 and the present, films will focus on the reconstruction of Germany after WWII, the division and reunification of Germany as well as on current issues around migration, identity and diversity in the German-speaking world.

This course aims to fulfil two goals:

  1. It is intended to give you an overview of significant social, cultural and political developments in the German speaking world since 1945.
  2. At the same time, you will be exposed to important traditions and movements within the German film industries (both East and West) and get acquainted with the works of internationally acclaimed filmmakers such as Fassbinder, Wenders, Beyer, von Trotta and Herzog and, more recently, Akin, Haneke, Tykwer, Link and Donnersmarck.

A focus of the course will be on the question how filmmakers have reacted to social and political changes in their environment and how this is addressed through their films.

Availability 2022

Not taught in 2022




Coursework + exam


GERMAN 106: 15 points


GERMAN 130, 231