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Rethinking New Zealand History

Please note: this is archived course information from 2018 for HISTORY 107.


Haere mai! Whaowhia te kete mātauranga! (Welcome! Fill your basket with knowledge!)

This course will introduce you to key issues in Aotearoa/New Zealand history. We have called the course "Rethinking New Zealand history" because, while it is intended as an introduction to Aotearoa/New Zealand’s social, cultural, economic and political history, we also hope to challenge you to examine some of your assumptions or preconceptions about New Zealand history.

For instance, was New Zealand "discovered"’? Was the nineteenth century a time of settlement or conquest? Was New Zealand a "social laboratory", a world leader in social policy? Was New Zealand a place where rugby was always king? Was it a family paradise, the most British of all Britain’s colonies, a country of equal citizens?

Reviewing our history over the past hundred years gives us a greater sense of our own identity as a nation and of our place in the world. The course is organised thematically and you will be introduced to different historians’ interpretations of past events.

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Availability 2018

Semester 1



Recommended Reading

James Belich, Making Peoples: A History of the New Zealanders: from Polynesian Settlement to the end of the Nineteenth Century, Auckland, 1996.

James Belich, Paradise Reforged: A History of the New Zealanders from the 1880s to the Year 2000, Auckland, 2001.

Michael King, The Penguin History of New Zealand, Auckland, 2003.

Ranginui Walker, Ka Whawhai Tonu Mātou: Struggle Without End, rev. ed, Auckland, 2004.

Philippa Mein Smith, A Concise History of New Zealand,  Cambridge ; Port Melbourne, Victoria, 2011.


Coursework + exam


HISTORY 107: 15.0 points


HISTORY 122, 123

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