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Italy on Screen


This course does not count for a major in Italian.  Lectures are in English, all films are subtitled, and no knowledge of Italian is necessary.

Italian films of the post-World War II period show an extraordinary power and originality and have long attracted an enthusiastic cinema-going public within and outside Italy. This course highlights Italy’s distinctive film tradition through the examination of a variety of film genres and filmmakers. Topics covered include: representation of Fascism, the post-war years and the economic boom, regionalism, migration, terrorism, gender and sexuality, and the contemporary economic crisis and its impact. Because the course is taught intensively in Italy in July 2016, you will have the opportunity to visit Italian film studios and film schools and Italian locations where the films were shot. You will meet filmmakers you are studying as well as others associated with the Italian film industry. 

Availability 2020

Not taught in 2020




E-portfolio consisting of a reflection diary and a group research project in Italy (50%)
Student-led group seminar (20%)
Final test (30%)


ITALIAN 212: 15.0 points


90 points passed


ITALIAN 111, 211

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