Faculty of Arts


Italian Fiction and Cinema (Texts in Italian)


A study of Italian novels, short stories and their adaptation into feature films. Texts are in Italian.

All too often fidelity to an original literary text is used as a criterion for judging the value of its film adaptation. This course questions the value of fidelity as criterion by examining the process of transformation of some modern Italian literary texts into feature films.

We will consider how adaptation allows a film to successfully present the otherness and distinctiveness of its original text, bearing in mind the different narrative functions and codes of novels and film. The intellectual and social milieus in which these literary works and films were produced will also be considered.



Coursework only

Availability 2021


Lecturer(s) Professor Bernadette Luciano


Readings willl be made available on CANVAS.

Films can be viewed in the  Library.


ITALIAN 336: 15.0 points


ITALIAN 201 and 15 points from ITALIAN 202, 204, 206, 209, 211, 235, 236


ITALIAN 204, 232

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