Advanced Italian Translation Practice


This course focuses on developing the skills required for translating into your declared language direction (80% of the coursework into your selected first language and 20% into your selected second language) through extensive exposure to authentic translation materials in both languages. Fields covered will be chosen from: literature/culture, industry, finance, commercial correspondence, technical and selective translation of official certificates.

Lessons are interactive, with opportunities for practice in pairs, small groups or the whole class. Attendance at all lectures is strongly recommended in order to benefit from interactive activities which help develop translation skills and ensure steady progress.

Aims of course

The overall intended learning objectives are to develop translator competence–which includes linguistic, intercultural, documentary, technological/instrumental, transfer, thematic, industry-related and ethical competencies–within general and specialised knowledge domains.

Specific skills include

  • Mastering the different phases in the translation process
  • Understanding the main textual and contextual features of Languages for Specific Purposes (LSP) texts
  • Online documentary research skills: linguistic and subject knowledge acquisition
  • Correct use of linguistic resources and translation technology solutions
  • Source text analysis strategies, meaning interpretation and negotiation, writing skills and editing and proof-reading skills
  • Ethics and intercultural competency
  • Knowledge of the translation market and business-related skills

This is achieved through

  • Full translations into your declared first language (approximately 80% of final mark)
  • Full translations into your declared second language (approximately 20% of final mark)
  • (Co-)Textual analysis and discussion
  • Topic-based research
  • Summary and selective translation

To complete this course students must enrol in ITALIAN 702 A and B, or ITALIAN 702

For full course information see the Digital Course Outline for ITALIAN 702.

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If you are interested in taking this course, please contact the Postgraduate Adviser well in advance


Availability 2023

Not taught in 2023




ITALIAN 702: 30 points