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Language and Technology


This course introduces students to theoretical and practical aspects of using technology for language learning and teaching purposes.

Technology can be used throughout all phases of language teaching: course design, course delivery and course assessment. Increasingly, teaching staff in private-sector and tertiary institutions are expected to have at least entry-level user familiarity with a range of technological tools or applications, and they are required to broaden these skills on the job.

This course will enable students to develop confidence in their ability to integrate technology into their teaching, and in their capacity to explore other technological applications in response to workplace needs. Students will gain experience in using technology to support blended learning, to promote the development of particular skills, to facilitate greater learner interaction and engagement and to create learning materials in a principled manner.

From the language learning perspective, technology enables potentially limitless access to rich language input and provides students with the option of exercising greater autonomy and agency in the learning process.

Not all teaching-learning options involving technology are pedagogically sound, and nor do all lead to effective learning outcomes. During this course, students will critically reflect on the relative benefits of particular applications with reference to sound pedagogical principles.

This course will be mostly delivered on campus in the traditional face-to-face mode. A blended learning component has been included to allow students to experience distance learning through technology. With this aim in mind, two lectures/meetings will be delivered online. A blended approach will be used for much of the supplementary coursework, such as student-centred exercises. These will be both delivered online and integrated into the face-to-face lessons.

It is recommended that students enrolled in this course have a laptop that they are able to bring to class when required. Students also need access to a reliable internet connection for the out-of-class work.

All reading materials will be provided through Canvas.

Course outcomes

This course will enable to students to:

  • Become familiar with the use of particular applications
  • Understand how particular technologies can be used to support learning
  • Build confidence in using technology for both language teaching and learning
  • Create language learning materials
  • Critically reflect on the pedagogical strengths of particular applications
  • Experience course delivery through technology as a language learner and as a student

Class limits for 2020

Places in the class are limited to 24 students, on a first come, first enrolled basis.

Availability 2021

Not offered in 2021; planned for 2022




Recommended Reading


Coursework and in-class test.


LANGTCHG 311: 15.0 points


30 points passed at Stage II



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