Literature in Second Language Learning


This course is divided into two main parts. The first part introduces students to the study of stylistics. In these lectures students firstly learn about the different ways that language can be used in literary texts. At the same time they are encouraged to understand how these different uses of language can contribute to an interpretation of particular literary texts. This series of lectures therefore draws on a variety of forms and genres of literary texts, especially the poem. In conjunction with this focus on stylistics students are helped to understand the value of using literature in the language classroom and how they might exploit the language features of this literature for the second language learner. 

The second part of the course focuses more particularly on how the novel, the short story and the play could most effectively be taught in the second language classroom. Students read a novel chosen together as a class and the lecturer uses this novel as a practical example to demonstrate how the novel as a genre could be used in the classroom. In addition, students "take part" in lessons designed to demonstrate the effective teaching of short stories and plays. There is also a focus in the course on understanding the specific skills and challenges of the "second language reader" of literature and on how to motivate the second language learner to read extensively.   

Availability 2022

Not taught in 2022




LANGTCHG 700: 15 points