MĀORI  393

Kapa Haka 3

Please note: this is archived course information from 2020 for MĀORI 393.


This course aims to develop in much greater depth and detail the skills and knowledge learnt at Stage II. Students are expected to gain a high level of understanding of traditional Māori performing arts. This course seeks to develop the student's ability to critically analyse various topics related to the development, growth and advancement of kapahaka and traditional Māori performing arts.

This course also introduces Māori weaponry as an increasingly dominant feature of stage performance and kapahaka of today. Students will learn the basic use of weaponry, Mau Patu and Mau Taiaha especially within disciplines where Mau Rakau is prevalent in particular – whakaeke, mōteatea and haka.

Availability 2020

Semester 1


Lecturer(s)  Paora Sharples


Coursework only


MAORI 393: 15.0 points


MĀORI 292 or approval of Academic Head or nominee