Faculty of Arts

MĀORI  241

Te Aho Tahuhu

Please note: this is archived course information from 2018 for MAORI 241.


This course focuses on the importance and use of New Zealand flax fibre muka and flax leaf in pre-European Māori life. The basic skills of fibre extraction from flax are taught along with techniques for the making of rain capes (pūreke, pākē), as well as skills needed for making cordages of various types which could be used in the making of artefacts of composite types, e.g., fishing lines, two piece fish hooks, personal ornaments.

The traditional dyeing of muka could be taught. Students are expected to produce one artefact of choice within this range along with associated research. Near our workshop we have a pā harakeke (flax garden) of known important varieties, which provides much of the flax we use.

Students will undertake one project of choice and research it through archives, museum artefact collections, traditional Māori knowledge and tutor assistance.

This course has had high positive feeedback ratings from past and present students.

Availability 2018

Not taught in 2018


Coordinator(s) Associate Professor Tracey McIntosh


70% of the course work is assigned to the practical project.

30% of the course work is assigned to research behind the practical project.

(There is no exam).


MAORI 241: 15.0 points


60 points passed in any subject

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