Faculty of Arts

MĀORI  330

Te Ao Hou: Contemporary Maori Issues

Please note: this is archived course information from 2018 for MAORI 330.


This course examines contemporary issues Māori face as indigenous peoples in the twenty-first century. Various aspects of Māori society, culture, politics and identity will be discussed, including but not limited to: modern Māori identity, Pacific connections, migration to Australia, e-whanaungatanga and cyber-rohe, gender and sexuality, treaty claims, political engagement, the (in)justice system, kaitiakitanga and substance abuse.

Students will be encouraged to develop an appreciation of contemporary trends in Māori culture and society, and an understanding of theories and methodologies that explore the Māori world through an indigenous framework. 

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Availability 2018

Semester 1


Coordinator(s) Associate Professor Tracey McIntosh


Coursework only


MAORI 330: 15.0 points


30 points at Stage II

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