Faculty of Arts

MĀORI  335

Mana Taketake / Indigenous Sovereignty and Public Policy


This course examines the nature of the claims that Indigenous peoples are making and the political strategies that they use to pursue their self-determining agendas in both domestic and international arenas. Concepts of Indigenous and human rights, redistributive justice and others are discussed and explored in relation to contemporary demands of self-determination.

The course seeks to develop a contextual awareness of political, social, cultural and economic relationships between Māori and other Indigenous peoples and the settler states. It aims to enable students to develop a capacity to think critically about contemporary practice and policy formation in New Zealand and elsewhere and the way they relate to Indigenous peoples.

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Availability 2018

Semester 2


Coordinator(s) Associate Professor Tracey McIntosh


Coursework only


MAORI 335: 15.0 points


30 points at Stage II

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