Faculty of Arts


Contemporary Chinese Media


How has the rapid economic growth of the past three decades transformed Chinese society in general and Chinese media in particular? How has the increasing commercialisation of Chinese media reconfigured its relationship with the state? When and how did the media interactions begin inside the Greater China Area of Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Mainland? What is the role that contemporary Chinese media play in the global communication system? This course sets to answer these questions and more.

Through investigating a range of media formats in relation to media policies and media production, media circulation and media consumption since the 1980s, the course examines the development and transformation of media and communication practices in the Chinese context. Study topics include culture and tourism, advertising and environmental issues, cyberculture and youth media consumption, rock ’n’ roll music and reality TV, blockbuster movie, live performance of light-and-sound spectacles, and the phenomenon of Jin Yong and Qiong Yao.

Students who successfully complete the course are expected to

  • Develop a comprehensive knowledge about the largest national media system in the world
  • Better understand the conceptual and theoretical elements of Media Studies
  • Increase awareness of the significance of creative cultural industry
  • Enhance the capacity of evaluating, applying and presenting information
  • Develop the ability to structure, shape and synthesise information
  • Improve communication skills in a globalised context


Coursework only

Availability 2021

Summer School


Lecturer(s) Dr Xuelin Zhou


Coursework only


MEDIA 201: 15.0 points


15 points from COMMS 100, 104, FTVMS 100, 101, 110, MEDIA 101 and 45 points from any subject in BA courses



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