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Screening Hong Kong

Please note: this is archived course information from 2020 for MEDIA 308.


"Hong Kong cinema is one of the world’s most widely distributed popular cultural genres.” (M. Morris, 2005)

Through examining some of its major genres, the course looks at a wide range of issues reflected in this dynamic and vigorous cinema. By taking into account its aesthetic features and its links with the traditions of Chinese cinema, the course aims to achieve two purposes: an appreciation of film aesthetic styles, some of which are peculiar to Hong Kong cinema; a knowledge of the nature of changes the Hong Kong film industry has experienced as well as its relations to Hong Kong society, particularly since the 1980s. 

Students who have completed the paper are expected to

  • Be better informed about the development of cinema in Hong Kong as an industry and mass medium
  • Be more alert to the aesthetic elements that form the film language
  • Be more aware of the film’s capacity to "reflect, reveal and shape" aspects of society
  • Have a better understanding of the wider disciplinary context for debates in Hong Kong cinema
  • Be more capable of using databases to support independent research on set topics
  • Have the ability to apply information to develop a distinctive critical voice

Availability 2020

Not taught in 2020


Coordinator(s) Dr Xuelin Zhou


MEDIA 308: 15.0 points


30 points at Stage II in Media, Film and Television Studies


FTVMS 205, MEDIA 205, FTVMS 308

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