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Please note: this is archived course information from 2022 for MEDIA 317.


This course runs during the inter-semester break (between Semesters I and II) and is designed to enable students to produce a serial drama, recorded in the television studio with inserts shot on field location. As well as developing technical skills in multi-camera television production, single camera location shooting and digital editing, students will be introduced to the processes of script breakdowns, casting and directing actors. This is an intensive, workshop-style production class which draws on creative and technical skills from drama scripting through to acting, directing and producing.

This course is open to applications from international, study abroad and domestic students.

One of the primary considerations of the course is for participants to develop an understanding of the collaborative and cooperative nature of the making of drama for film, television or digital platforms within strict time limits. Informed decision making is vital.

The class will produce multi-camera recorded scenes and a short drama (possibly for new technology markets) structured around a central theme and a small core of characters. The completed drama will be produced by "teams" of students who will be responsible for certain sections of final film among themselves and in consultation with other teams. The group produced episodic drama is comprised of three 3-minute scenes; one shot on location single camera, the other two scenes to be shot multi-cam in the studio. Brief credits will be included.

Selection criteria

This is a restricted entry course. You will be assessed on the quality of your academic record, previous production or creative work and your application. Particular attention is paid to the quality of the application and the originality and presentation of your proposal for a short drama programme.

This course is designed for students with two years’ undergraduate experience. A background in film or media production, drama, or creative writing is preferred, but not essential. Students with only one year of undergraduate experience and a strong creative portfolio are also eligible for entry. Please list any extracurricular activity you have done, e.g., theatre, acting, script writing, producing, arts administration but also sports or other cultural activities where you have developed a range of skills which you think are relevant for a production course such as this.

Students who have had writing experience but no production experience are encouraged to apply as well as those with some production, technical or acting experience. If you have no experience but have studied or are currently enrolled in a theoretical film/media/communications degree then you should also consider applying for this programme.

Application deadline for domestic students

Friday 8 May 2020 (provisional deadline, to be confirmed)

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Coursework only


MEDIA 317: 15 points


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