Faculty of Arts


The Politics of Digital Media


Digital media technologies are a major political battleground in the twenty-first century. This course examines a range of political controversies associated with the digital age, such as: piracy and copyright; surveillance, privacy and digital espionage; hacking, hacktivism and cybersecurity; internet censorship, regulation and free speech; hate speech and harassment; the open web and digital enclosure; big data and algorithmic governance.

We approach these issues by looking each week at a specific political movement (or group of movements) and explore how they have each tried to harness digital media to further their agendas.

Course outcomes

A student who successfully completes this course will have the opportunity to

  • Acquire knowledge of digital politics that can be applied to contemporary case studies
  • Learn about theoretical perspectives that can be applied to other cases now and in the future
  • Explore how politics is being transformed for better and/or worse during the digital age
  • Develop skills in researching, writing and debating

Availability 2020

Not taught in 2020




MEDIA 744: 30.0 points



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