Research Project


This is a required 30-point course for all students in the BA(Hons) programme in Media and Communication. It is a course in which you write a dissertation of 10,000 words based on independent research. It will also help you refine your research interests and skills. Although this is a research only course it nevertheless does have three weeks of classes to introduce you to some of the primary research methods used by scholars in our field. In addition to facilitating your academic work, such research skills are highly valued by many would-be employers of arts graduates. These skills include the ability to conceive, clarify and investigate a problem or research question; design and implement a research project; and cogently present the results of research inquiry. We will also discuss how to write a proposal and produce a literature review. The first two weeks of the course will help you select research themes with a consideration of methods and techniques for researching, writing and scholarly presentation. In the first meeting the supervisors for 781 will be assigned based on the topic of your choice and their own research interests and specialisms. In week 6 you will be asked to present your work to other students. This is a chance to talk about your research questions and an opportunity to refine your thesis statement and problem solve with your fellow students.

Availability 2023

Semester 1, repeated Semester 2




MEDIA 781: 30 points