Faculty of Arts

PHIL 103

Freedom, Rights and Justice


Considers various questions concerning the relation between individuals and political societies such as: What principles of justice should communities adopt? What are rights? What limits can legitimately be placed on individual liberty? What is the source and nature of citizens’ obligations to obey the law? Why do we identify with groups – be they ethnic, geographic, religious, or ideological – and favour members of our own group over members of others? What political issues does this tendency raise? What makes a decision procedure democratic and why does it matter? Questions like these will be considered in relation to the New Zealand context.

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Availability 2016

Semester 2


Coordinator(s) Dr Glen Pettigrove
Lecturer(s) Dr Glen Pettigrove
Dr Matheson Russell

Recommended Reading

J. S. Mill, On Liberty (Penguin Paperback or any other edition)


Coursework + exam


PHIL 103: 15.0 points

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